'Baby Daddy' Season 4 Premiere: Riley Gets Caught In A Giant Mess With The Love Note In Sneak Peek As Tucker Admits Something To Her [VIDEO]

Riley is about to get herself caught up in a complicated love mess when Baby Daddy begins its fourth season.

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In a sneak peek posted on TV Line on Monday, Riley is outside the apartment when Tucker comes out to ask her about a love note that left a misinterpretation. Riley is freaking out because she thought the note was from Danny, which is making her just a little bit overwhelmed.

Riley explains herself where she uses the phrase "kind of" multiple times; when she heard the voicemail from last year where Danny told her he had feelings for her, that made her think the note was from him.

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Tucker is left in some shock since he realizes that Riley knows how Danny feels about her. This actually made her come to the conclusion that Tucker knows how Danny feels about her- "kind of."

This doesn't seem to matter though because Riley admits that Ben is the one she loves. She then asks what's wrong with her and Tucker says that that's a good question. He then asks her how it's possible that both of those guys would fall in love with her.

"No offense," he adds. "I'm just not seeing it."

The clip ends at this point leading to questions on how Riley is going to organize her love life at this point. And how are the two guys going to handle this confusion?

Watch the scene here.

Baby Daddy Season 4 will air on Wednesday, January 14 at 8:30 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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