Mindy Kaling News 2015: Actress Talks Long Term Relationship With B.J. Novak, Their Break Up & Why 'I Don't Need Marriage' [VIDEO]

Mindy Kaling and her ex beau B.J. Novak may be spotted out together from time to time, but the actress says they are just friends.

Mindy Kaling & B.J. Novak Spotted Driving Off Together? 

Back in November, the actress spoke to E! News while on the set of her show, The Mindy Project and she opened up about the relationship between her and Novak.

Kaling and Novak were spotted leaving a Los Angles restaurant together and rumors about a reconciliation began taking over the Internet, but the 35-year-old insists that the pair are just friends hanging out.

Mindy Kaling Comments On Rumors That She & Her Ex Are Sharing Something Romantic

She told the photags that they were simply friends but she does she him at least once a week to hang out.

While the two are no longer together, Kaling did admit that she would have married Novak if he had proposed, but now her views on marriage may have changed a little.

On Friday, People reported that they recently sat down with the Mindy Project star and she doesn't feel the need to tie the knot with anyone.

"I don't need marriage," Kaling said. "I don't need anyone to take care of all my needs and desires. I can take care of them myself now."

The actress also added that when she was a child she was in a rush to be married have children but she realizes that she can rely on herself.

When it comes to Novak, Kaling says that he is unlike any of her ex-boyfriends and has made special exceptions for him.

"I'm definitely not in the friends-with-my-exes camp," she says. "But B.J. has the stamp for life as a friend. My mom loved him. He feels like family."

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