John Irwin, Executive Producer of Couples Therapy, spoke with Enstars this week to discuss the series' upcoming sixth season.

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Earlier this month, VH1 announced a new season of Couples Therapy, slated to premiere in Fall 2015, but instead of casting the series themselves, the network is letting the fans do it for them. 

Below, Irwin answered questions about the season that is to come.

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How will season six of Couples Therapy differ from seasons prior?

I think the dynamics of the series change radically from season to season based on the cast and their dynamics with one another. It is such an organic process that it is impossible to predict.

How do you intend to use view input when it comes to casting? Will there be a vote?

There has definitely been tons of great suggestions. It's really interesting to hear who people want on the show this year, and we plan on taking their suggestions into mind as we cast this season.

Who would be your dream couple for the show?

Great question. I feel like there are so many!

From seasons past, which couples would you say made the most progress on the show? The least?

I feel like most couples that have been on the show have really gotten a lot out of the process. [I] can't think of any who didn't benefit immensly.

Are celebrity couples hesitant to dig deep when it comes to their relationship issues?

The celebrities are not much different than you and I. Sometimes in the beginning, there is a bit of trepidation, but then, within a few days, most see the tremendous value and really go for it.

Would you ever feature two couples from the same show on the same season of Couples Therapy?

I don't think there is anything we would not do if it made sense.

Have any celebrities requested to participate in the show?

We always have people pitching themselves here and there. [I] can't really comment on who.

How was Dr. Jenn selected for the series?

We spent quite a bit of time looking for the right therapist for the show, but as soon as we met with Dr. Jenn, we knew that she was the perfect fit.

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