Star Wars actor Mark Hamill delivered some insight on what fans can expect in Episode VII.

'Star Wars' Actor 'Can't Wait' For 'Episode VII' To Hit Theaters

In an interview with Hero Complex last Thursday, the actor gave the impression that the movie will be focusing on the new characters and not so much about Luke Skywalker or any of the other original characters.

"I would have been completely okay with [the film] not including us, but I do think having the original cast members there gives it a sense of continuity and scope," Hamill said. "But mind you, it's really about the new generation, it's not about us."

'Episode VII' Actor Dishes On The Costumes

Hamill then pointed out how the public has been so anxious in finding out all the details about the film. He knew that people would want juicy information, but he didn't expect the anticipation to be that serious.

"We had problems before with people leaking stuff, but I was saying to them, 'Is it really necessary to put on this giant robe with a hood that hangs down to your chest to go from my trailer to the soundstage?'" Hamill admitted.

"I wish people would just relax," he added. "We're not trying to play games with people. We just want to maximize their experience at the movies where it should be seen and not have it leaked over the Internet. Believe me, it will be here before you know it."

Star Wars: Episode VII hits theaters on December 18.