Fans of AMC's Breaking Bad were delighted to see Tuco (Raymond Cruz) on the show's spinoff, Better Call Saul, and the actor has revealed whether or not he is returning for future episodes.

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Tuco appeared in the first two seasons of Breaking Bad as an adversary to Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and he returned for Better Call Saul, appearing in the show's first two episodes. Cruz recently spoke to The Daily Beast and revealed that Tuco was not going to be appearing in the remainder of season 1.

"You never know. I'm not signed up for any more, but it's all a matter of if they'd like to revisit it, and if I'm able to do it. He doesn't return in Season 1," Cruz said. "But I thought when I was dead on Breaking Bad it was over. To be able to come back and relive the character is an amazing experience."

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Despite his actions, which included him knocking out two skateboarders and breaking their legs in the latest episode, Cruz does not think of Tuco as a bad guy necessarily.

"I've always seen him as the hero of his own story, and someone who has to defend what he's fighting for, and who will go to any length to protect what he needs to protect," Cruz admitted. "Jimmy's [Bob Odenkirk] able to reason with him in the desert because he's able to appeal to his sense of justice. The way that Tuco looks at things is fair.

"The thing that happens later on in Breaking Bad is he gets affected by the blue meth, and the drugs completely distort his perception of things, so the drug heightens his emotions. But normally he has a huge heart. He's like a ferocious pit bull, and you have to be careful when you cross his path."

It remains to be seen if Cruz's Tuco will return for season 2 and beyond though he is certainly a memorable recurring character that many audience members love.

Better Call Saul airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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