Teen Wolf's resident gun toting mercenary may not reappear for some time.

Who Is Theo On 'Teen Wolf'? 'Pretty Little Liars' Cody Christian Cast For Premiere

The MTV drama headed back to the studio on Monday, but Meagan Tandy (Braeden) won't join the cast for the premiere. That doesn't mean Braeden won't appear at all, however. Heavily entwined with the Desert Wolf mystery, Derek's (Tyler Hoechlin) latest love interest has a good chance of returning as Scott's pack picks up the search for Malia's (Shelley Hennig) mom.

Hey peeps... Don't forget... It's yet another long season. Like season 3. Plenty of time for Brae to pop in pop out. Fingers crossed," Tandy told fans. "At some point she will come back. No worries for now. Heart u."

Intense Premiere Planned For 'Teen Wolf' Season 5, Cast 'Warns' Of Upcoming Plot

Unlike season 4, the werewolf-powered fifth season will stretch to 20 episodes, and series writers already have plenty of mysteries to solve following the season 4 finale. What supernatural creature is Deputy Parrish (Ryan Kelley)? Who is the Desert Wolf? How will Derek's transformation aid Scott's pack (see video below)?

Not to mention Theo (Cody Christian). Beacon Hills' newest werewolf will make his debut early in season 5, and he may have old ties to the California town.

Find out more when Teen Wolf returns to MTV this summer.