It's no secret singer John Legend's wife, model Chrissy Teigen is quite the firecracker; but in a recent interview she embarrassed the Glory singer when she revealed the best place they had sex in public.

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The couple spoke with Extra TV while strutting the red carpet at the Grammy's on Sunday. Teigen pulled a question out of a bowl and had to answer the extremely embarrassing question.

She looked at Legend and said, "Probably the Obama thing."

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While he looked straight ahead in what appeared to be shock, Teigen couldn't help but walk away for a second, leaving Legend to pick up the pieces.

He then laughed and said, "I don't know [what she's talking about]. We're not gonna discuss that. We're not. We're not."

In the steamy couple's defense, they made it clear the incident did not occur at the White House, and it took place before Barack Obama was elected into office.

"OK, anyway, we're moving on."

But Teigen had to apologize for letting out their big secret and implied that Legend wasn't happy.

"Umm.. Sorry! I'm in trouble now."

Just after the Grammys, Teigen, who is never one to hold her tongue, dished on her thoughts of Kanye West almost taking Beck's Grammy acceptance speech hostage. During the show Beck bested Beyoncé for Album Of The Year, something West clearly didn't agree with.

She told E! News, "When he ran up there, it was like, so well-executed, it was like, it was funny, I thought it was silly. I didn't know it was serious."