Insurgent may not hit theaters until next month, but fans of the Divergent series will be able to enter a virtual reality starting soon thanks to Lionsgate and Samsung's brilliant collaboration.

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The Hollywood Reporter reported Wednesday that Lionsgate's Summit Entertainment label and Samsung have partnered to create the ultimate fan experience by incorporating virtual reality.

Fans of the franchise will get to enter "a 360° immersive world," in which they will be captured by Jeanine Matthews (Kate Winslet) and her Erudite faction. All they need to accomplish this is an Oculus-powered Gear VR headset from Samsung.

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Starting on Feb. 27, the virtual reality four-minute experience, which is appropriately called, Insurgent - Shatter Reality, features stars from the upcoming movie release, including Winslet, Miles Teller and Mekhi Phifer.

Deadline reported Wednesday that Lionsgate and Samsung would be bringing the experience to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin and San Francisco. Plus, it will also be distributed on the Samsung Milk VR service until Mar. 1.

Wearing the virtual reality headset will let fans see Jeanine and her faction cronies testing them with experimental serums and more such as realistic fearscapes like transporting them from the terrifying heights of a crumbling Chicago skyscraper to the daunting task of an enormous, fast-approaching locomotive, similar to what Tris (Shailene Woodley) and others go through.

Lionsgate's chief marketing officer Tim Palen released a statement discussing the partnership with Samsung.

"Virtual reality elevates the world of Divergent to a whole new level by creating a uniquely exciting and immersive experience for our fans," he said.

Insurgent hits theaters on Mar. 20.