iOS 6 Release Date Sept. 19; Over 200 New & Improved Features For Select iPhone Models

The iOS 6 release date is set to drop on Sept. 19. Apple fans are excited to have the new software that will include several new features for iPhone users. iOS 6 release date will be sometime on Wednesday; Apple will declare the exact time tomorrow. The software will be available for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, 4S, iPad 2, and new iPad users. However, some features, including turn-by-turn navigation on the Maps app, will not be available for 3GS users. 


iOS 6 is loaded with new and improved apps. One of the most anticipated revamps is the Maps app. This feature includes turn-by-turn navigation. The maps now include clear and detailed vector images including street names, places, and real-time traffic updates. Another new addition, called Flyover, allows users to see certain locations from the perspective of being in the air.


Apple's voice commander operator, Siri, will be available in more languages and in more locations around the world. Siri will be able to give you score details on sporting events and also give you show times and reviews for the latest movie releases. By the sound of your voice, you can have Siri post Facebook and Twitter messages and also open up games and applications.


Passbook functions as a virtual wallet. Users would be able to store airplane boarding passes, movie tickets, loyalty cards, and retail coupons. Users can scan their phone to check in at the airport, redeem coupons, get into a movie, or buy coffee with a loyalty card from Starbucks. Passbook also reveals expired coupons and will give you updates on whether you airplane gate number has been altered by the airline.

Many users are excited about the new Facebook integration, which will provide a much more streamlined experience for lovers of social media.

It has also been reported that FaceTime will be available through 3G on the iOS 6, and iCloud Tabs will integrate Safari across all iCloud-connected devices. That will allow users to switch between devices but continue their work from the browser on their previously used device. The feature has been available on Google Chrome for a while but will be the first time Safari will allow its users to do so.

Large improvements on Mail, Accessibility, Camera, and Phone applications have been made on iOS 6.

A posting can be expected on the Apple website tomorrow to inform consumers about the time in which iOS 6 will be available.

It is believed that millions will look to download the new software within the first few days of the software becoming available, and that devices such as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch will all have their users bombarding Apple's servers for the download.

For those who have ordered the iPhone 5, the iOS 6 will come pre-installed.

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