Royal Family 2015 News: Pregnant Kate Middleton's New Looks Recieving Praise From Mothers Everywhere? [VIDEO]


Kate Middleton has been turning heads lately with her very natural look.

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Currently pregnant with her second child, 33-year-old Princess Kate drew a lot of attention last week when photographs revealed section of her graying hair. According to the NY Daily News on Feb. 20, Kate's gray roots were visible below a pulled up section of hair as she made some of her royal visits, including a Children's Centre.

Many of the princess's supporters have praised these recent images, pleased to see a real woman looking authentic, natural, and beautiful in her daily activities. They respect Kate even more because she isn't just a member of the royal family, she is also a real person.

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"Kate's a beautiful woman," said mother-of-four Carrie Pink to the Daily News. "So what if she has gray hair? She's just exhibiting what real life is like for any woman who's pregnant."

While it's possible Kate doesn't mind showing her gray roots, the decision to let them grow in his likely a result of her pregnancy. Kate is expected to give birth to her second child in April and one of the many pregnancy restrictions recommends that expectant mothers refrain from dying their hair until after giving birth.

Mother to one-year-old Prince George, Kate has made the championing of children part of her new royal campaign in 2015. The princess aspires to raise awareness about mental health issues for children, encouraging them to feel safe reaching out for help and erasing the stigma so long associated with the issue.

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