The monarchy has never seemed quite as scandalous as it appears to be on E!'s new drama series The Royals.

The Royals Finds A Home In The UK

The show, which is the network's first scripted series, premieres in just a few short weeks, and those hoping to see a more salacious side to a royal family (that isn't based on the real one in England), will get everything they're hoping for-especially when it comes to future heir to the throne Prince Liam (William Moseley).

Merritt Patterson, who portrays Ophelia, the daughter of the Royal Head of Security in the show, recently dished to E! News about the show-and the potentially crazy love triangle between her commoner character, the Prince, and her competition, Gemma (Sophie Colquhon).

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"Obviously, there's a love triangle between me, the prince and Gemma," she said. "Which is really fun to watch because you want to root for Ophelia but Gemma is such a great character and you come to understand her, so Ophelia never hates Gemma, which I think is kind of standard when it comes to love triangles."

However, even if she doesn't believe her character will become enemies with the other woman vying for the Prince's affections, it became clear in a new sneak peek of the series that the competition between the two will be fierce.

E! released the new trailer for the series during their red Carpet coverage at the Academy Awards, which shows more of how Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) is trying to keep her unruly children in check, but also details some of the passionate encounters Liam has with both Ophelia and Gemma-in bed, the pool, and other places.

The Royals premieres March 15 on E!