Though many thought it would initially be a fictional take on what the world doesn't see behind the closed doors of the British monarchy's homes, E!'s new scripted series The Royals will have a home on UK television.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal networks International has taken the British TV rights for the series to play on its UK pay E! channel, after an earlier pitch at MIPCOM failed, despite reassurances from Lionsgate that the show about a fictitious British royal family did not mock the real-life British royal family.

The drama series, which was already picked up on both the U.S. and Canadian E! channels, has received a large amount of buzz, and was even picked up for a second season in the U.S. ahead of its scheduled Marc 15 debut. The first two seasons of the show will begin airing on March 25.

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"We are particularly excited by The Royals as E!'s first original scripted drama is set in the UK, features a stellar British cast, including Elizabeth Hurley and Joan Collins, together with young emerging local talent," Nicky Douglas, managing director, UK, Universal Networks International, said in a statement.

The show follows Hurley as a conniving Queen Helena, as she tries to run the British monarchy and control the wild reputations of her two children-Prince Liam (William Moseley) and Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park).

The show will premiere on E! in the U.S. on Sunday, March 15.