They are a royal family with more problems than they seem to know how to deal with on E!'s new drama series, The Royals.

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In a new sneak peek clip of the drama series, which follows the lives of England's monarchy in the wake of the heir apparent's death, Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) still manages to get into it with her other two children-Prince Liam (William Moseley) and Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park)-who are much more rebellious than their older brother was.

The clip sees her in the back of the limo with her other children and lecturing them on how to keep up appearances as they grieve for their brother-which causes her children to then lash out at her in retaliation.

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"My God, you wretched brats!" Helena says in the clip. "Your brother, my first born son, and you can't find the decorum, the civility, to honor his memory. What is wrong with you?"

"Is that scripted too?" Eleanor responds in a snarky tone.

"I scropt you because we can't trust either of you to come up with a reasonable coherent thought," Helena responds.

After the exchange continues getting nastier with her daughter, her son finally speaks up after the Queen insists she is inconsolable over her other son's death.

"Really? Because our dad is out there genuinely grieving over the death of his son, while you're in here, worrying about the family's image and topping off on the botox!" Liam says.

His comment however gets him a slap across the face, as his mother expresses disgust over his current relationship with a member of the staff.

The situation still doesn't appear to improve either-as the exchange never quits being on the nasty side.

The Royals premieres Sunday, march 15 at 10 p.m. on E! Watch the clip here.