'Stalker' News 2015: CBS Show May Not Be Renewed For A Second Season? [VIDEO]

Stalker seems to keep its viewers interested every week, so why is it rumored that the show is going to be cancelled?

Viewers Beg CBS Not To Cancel 'Stalker' On Twitter

On Friday, GameNGuide reported that there is a pretty surprising reason that CBS' hit-show Stalker could be cancelled before the chance of a second season.  

Even though the show has good ratings, when it's compared to other crime shows on CBS it seems to fall short, which is what could be causing the alleged cancellation.

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According to TV Series Finale, the show started off with fairly high ratings, but as the season progressed the show didn't match up to its competitors.

Apparently, the ratings are the least of the show's worries though. The show, which centers around a squad of officers tasked with investigating and stopping stalking crimes, has had terribly negative reviews. And those negative reviews seem to be catching up to the show.

The viewership that was previously fond of the show seems to be dwindling down with enthusiasm.

In addition to poor ratings compared to its competitors and a lack of viewer excitement, CSI: Cyber will be taking over Stalker's timeslot and may be able to pull in higher ratings thanks to its brand recognition.

This means that Stalker could become not worth the bother of the network to fix for a season 2.

Stalker is a criminal drama that follows a team led by characters Beth and Jack as they deal with stalking cases in Los Angeles. 

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