'Stalker' News: The Show Just Ended On A Huge Cliffhanger, Is It Going To Be Cancelled Anyway? [VIDEO]


With Stalker ending on a huge cliffhanger, will CBS give mercy to its fans and bring it back for a second season?

'Stalker' May Not Be Renewed For A Second Season?

On Monday, GameNGuide pointed out that the show ended on a very high note for its viewers and now it could be on the chopping block.

According to the publicaiton, only 17 of the 20+ episodes aired, which means there are still a few floating around.

Viewers Beg CBS Not To Cancel 'Stalker' On Twitter

GameNGuide theorized that the missing episodes could be being saved for the first few episodes of season two, but apparently the not-so-great ratings could bring it down.

With so many other crime series airing on CBS as well, it's feared that the ratings for the other hit-shows will make Stalker's ratings seem miniscule.

The show, which centers around a squad of officers tasked with investigating and stopping stalking crimes, has had terribly negative reviews. And those negative reviews seem to be catching up to the show.

The viewership that was previously fond of the show seems to be dwindling down with enthusiasm.

In addition to poor ratings compared to its competitors and a lack of viewer excitement, CSI: Cyber will be taking over Stalker's timeslot and may be able to pull in higher ratings thanks to its brand recognition.

This means that Stalker could become not worth the bother of the network to fix for a season 2.

Stalker is a criminal drama that follows a team led by characters Beth and Jack as they deal with stalking cases in Los Angeles.

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