Teresa Giudice's Interview with Anderson Cooper: Host Apologizes For Being 'Rude' [VIDEOS]

Teresa Giudice appeared on Anderson Cooper's talk show on Sept. 26, but returned the following day because the host felt he gave her an unfair interview.

Cooper apologized for branding "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star as a "bully." During his first interview with Giudice, he had made several questionable comments including, "you seem really mean," "you're not 12 years old" and "So, you're saying you're the victim all the time?"

Throughout his Sept. 27 show, he continually called his behavior "weird," "aggressive" and "rude."

See video here.

"After I did that interview someone in the audience got involved, it was a teacher, she said to me that I had been rude and I always listen to teachers," he said (via RadarOnline). "It got me thinking and it made me really sad that I would have been rude because I didn't want to be rude.I hate rudeness. Honestly all day long I was worried that I was rude. I was like popping Nexium because I had heartburn because the idea of being rude so upsets me."

Giudice accepted his apology and got to tell her side of the family feud. (Her and her brother Joe Gorga have not spoken for more than a year and were unable to reconcile throughout season four of the Bravo show.)

"I love my brother, he's my only brother, we come from a small family. When he wants to be brother and sister again I am there for him, I will never turn my back on him," she said.

Giudice claimed last Christmas was the first year she didn't spend the holidays with her sibling. She said she misses her family and feels that fame, ultimately, caused the situation they're in now.

"I love my nieces and nephews, we used to say we couldn't wait until we got married because we couldn't wait for our kids to grow up together. Now, it's been a year and I haven't spoken to him because of fame," she said.

Cooper asked if she thinks Gorga is jealous of her success, to which she responded: "I don't know, I hear that fame ruins a family and it has ruined my family."

Watch clips of Cooper's first interview with Giudice and let us know in the comments if you thought the Silver Fox was rude.

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