A revelatory excerpt from Jon Cryer's upcoming memoir, So That Happened, that documents Charlie Sheen's unraveling and eventual exit from Two and a Half Men, was published by The Hollywood Reporter.

Cryer account of Sheen's persona and deviances is told with utmost sincerity, at no point does it seem that the actor is trying to unduly malign his co-star. In the bit that is up on the THR's website as well, Cryer takes us through his various, sometimes normal, sometimes absurd, encounters with Sheen during the course of their working relationship on the show. Initially Sheen is portrayed as being quite harmless, consuming pretty tame porn and also quite well-behaved on promotional tours he took with Cryer, even in places like Las Vegas. But it seems like Cryer always got to see the more normal side of Sheen, while he was up to all kinds of antics that were being reported in the press.

Cryer also talks about how he had interacted with Sheen about hanging out with his wife and kids watching a Mary Poppins show on Broadway, which he left midway. This was the same day that Sheen was later caught in an infamous scandal, found with a prostitute locked in his closet and his hotel room wrecked. Through the piece, Cryer somes across as sourse of support to Sheen, and the actor hopes he could have been there for his co-star and helped discourage him from going down the wild, destructive path he did.

Finally the bit ends with Cryer describing Sheen's sly exit from the show, where he couldn't even muster the courage to face the show execs who were waiting to have a chat with him, and instead just chose to slink out go straight home from set.

Watch a clip featuring the best moments from the show, when Sheen was still around: