Much to the dismay of the show's fans, Amish Mafia is set to finish its four-season run on Discovery Channel for good come Tuesday, but they likely won't be disappointed by the way the series ends.

Doug Makes A Desperate Attempt To Defeat Levi

It's unclear how exactly the story following Lebanon Levi's reign and control of Amish Aid will come to an end, but the show has never shied away from explosions, explosive confrontations and drama-meaning the finale should manage to both tie up all loose ends in the story and still have a fantastic ending.

Here are five ways Amish Mafia and Lebanon Lev's story could end:

1. Levi Could Finally Wind Up Behind Bars Thanks To Constable Paul Castline

Officer Paul Castline has been after Levi for what seems like forever, and has been wanting to put him behind bars for his illegal activities. In the past, he even used John to his advantage, basically blackmailing him into providing information on Levi's activities. He could finally succeed with his goal and get Levi behind bars...affectively ending the Amish Mafia for good.

2. Levi And His Associates Are All Removed From The Amish Community

The Bishops have been seemingly supportive of Levi and all of his associates throughout the shows run (despite none of them being actually baptized in the church, the justification they've used to explain why they can act the way they do). But with all of the negative attention focused on the group lately, both from government officials and protest groups, as well as the rogue Mennonites this season, it could be the final straw for the Bishops-and the group could all be removed.

3. The Amish Mafia Is Officially Disbanded

It appeared the group had officially disbanded after the abrupt end to the third season, but Levi brought it back for one more season to fight against the show's critics. Now that he may have successfully done that by getting Governor Tom Corbett out of office, Levi may decide it is time to officially disband the group for good-calling it quits on the whole operation.

4. Levi Is Killed

This is likely too extreme for the show which does push boundaries, but has never seen anyone die. But an end that sees one of his enemies actually taking him out would certainly keep fans still talking about the show for years after it ends.

5. Levi Is Officially Given Permanent Control Over The Amish Community's Affairs

Of course, the show could also come somewhat full circle. When it began, Levi seemed firmly in control of Amish Aid and his empire, before he began fighting attacks from everyone. Now that he's mainly appeared to defeat all of his enemies in some way, the show could revisit things that see him officially on top once again.

The Amish Mafia series finale airs Tuesday, March 31 at 9 p.m. on Discovery.