Liam Neeson News: Does Actor Jeremy Piven Have A Man Crush On The Action Movie Star? [VIDEO]


It looks like Liam Neeson is pretty likable.

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On Saturday, GOSS reported that actor Jeremy Piven has a pretty big man crush on the action movie star.

Neeson makes a cameo in Piven's upcoming Entourage film, and apparently he is pretty humble.

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"He's one of these guys who's so brilliant and yet willing to make fun of himself. He pulls up in a convertible Bugatti," Piven gushed.

He continues on saying that Neeson is a pretty stand-up guy.

"It's just like, you know, Liam Neeson's this guy from Dublin who's very humble and sweet and he's not the guy that has a very specific set of skills that's going to kill anyone. He's like a nice thespian, you know?" he said.

When talking about the scene that Neeson will appear in, he pokes fun at his Oscar-nominated role for Schindler's List.

"And yet he's so self-deprecating and as he pulls away I yell - because I try talking to him and he just goes, 'F**k off already,' and pulls away - and I'm like, 'Schindler! Leave no Jew behind! Schindler!' And he's just gone," the actor joked.

And, if nothing else, it appears the two have fun together.

"He doesn't care. But that's the great thing about people when they do a cameo with Entourage, they're selfless. They make fun of themselves and we have a blast," Piven said.

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