Mindy Kaling News: The Actress Dishes Out Advice That All Women Should Follow [VIDEO]

Mindy Kaling has given out advice for all women to follow.

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On Friday, BuzzFeed shared 14 different pieces of advie that actress and powerhouse the actress has for women everywhere.

The questions were asked by real women and explores the struggles all face on a daily basis.

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When asked what everyone should experience in their twenties, Kaling suggested travel.

"I went on a vacation with my mom and dad to Buenos Aires for 10 days and I always had a good relationship with my parents, but I wasn't one of those girls...Although I got along very well with my mom and dad, I was never like that...if you just got out of college and you haven't lived with them for a while, it really was the time when I started loving my parents as people and not as my mother and father," she said.

When asked how to get the courage to flirt, her response was:

"I am not a great flirt. My way of flirting is just to pay extra attention to that person and be affectionate towards them...I'm very tactile, which is probably unprofessional and I don't want you to get fired from your job, but I will touch someone's arm if I like them."

When asked how one can be more confident, Kaling suggested: "...what I've noticed is, while I want to encourage women to be very confident, I think you can be quietly confident...Quiet confidence is the thing we need to be telling girls about, not shout-it-from-the-rooftops confidence, and that's how I think you can really succeed."

Another was feeling trapped by her parents now allowing her to follow her dreams. Kalings advice? Show, don't tell.

"In college I would write plays and they would come see it. They could see that it wasn't just me telling them, "I can do this, let me do this." They built confidence while I was building confidence...Like anything else, it's show, don't tell."

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