After shocking news took over the Internet that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards was arrested for disorderly conduct and kicking a police officer, rumors have been circulating and no one really knows what to believe.

Will Kim & Kyle Richards Reconcile After Crazy 'RHOBH' Season 5 Reunion?

After several entertainment publications posted inaccurate stories claiming that Kim's sister Kyle was refusing to help her sister after her relapse, Kyle took to Twitter to call them out for their 'invented' stories.

On Thursday, Radar Online posted an article that said, "Kim Richards' shocking arrest has put her already distressed family into full crisis mode. But despite the dire situation, has exclusively learned that her estranged sister Kyle Richards is still refusing to speak with her!"

What Shocking Information Does Kim Richards Want To Reveal About Kyle?

Kyle, who's been in an ongoing feud with her sister due to the drama on their show, immediately slammed the reports and clearly the alleged family insider is a fraud.

"Radar Online, please stop with the invented, inaccurate stories," the reality star wrote on Twitter.

The drama between the estranged sisters played out during the RHOBH season 5 reunion, and apparently they still aren't on good terms.

During part 3 of the reunion, Kyle told mediator Andy Cohen that the feud began with Kim's dog Kingsley biting her daughter Alexia, causing her to be hospitalized for 5 days.

Kim was furious that her sister would post a picture of the incident on Instagram despite the fact that the photo doesn't tie Kim's dog to the accident.

In her RHOBH cast blog, Kyle says that while she didn't mean to hurt her sister's feelings, her first priority was to make sure her daughter was okay.

Be sure to check in for more updates as the story unfolds.