'Fantastic Four' 2015 Trailer: Watch The Group Of Heroes Develop Their Abilities In Latest Teaser [VIDEO]

The gang of four is back and they're about to get mighty fierce this summer.

See Teaser Trailer of 'Fantastic Four' Here

The new trailer for the anticipated Fantastic Four film has been released and it shows how the group of superheroes find their ways to each other. Reed Richards (Miles Teller) can be seen walking through a science lab when he comes across Sue Storm (Kate Mara). She asks him if he's trying to be famous when he just wants his work to make a difference.

Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan) shows up with an injured arm probably because he doesn't take orders well- especially from the people who say so.

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When Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) makes his appearance, it's obvious that he's going to be the 'muscle' of the group although no one knows yet how far that's going to go.

The group seem to have a bit of an awkward relationship as they bond in the lab, but things change when they experiment in another place that leaves them in crazy danger. Of course, they all survive, but they don't return as the same people they used to be.

The trailer shows little hints of their powers, including 'The Thing' made of rocks and 'The Human Torch' flaming up.

Some may want to be fixed from these powers, but Johnny seems to see the positive side of having these new abilities.

Find out what else happens in the trailer below.

Fantastic Four hits theaters on August 7.

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