Kim Richards's sobriety was a huge topic of discussion during season five of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and after the reality star was recently arrested for public intoxication, sources claim that Bravo may have been helping Richards hide her addiction from the public.

Is Bravo Going To Fire Kim Richards From 'RHOBH?'

After being arrested last week, Richards has received a lot of heat and it looks like Bravo could be getting ready to fire her after sources claim that she's creating a lot of insurance issues for the company.

While this news comes as no surprise, an insider revealed some shocking information about Bravo that claims that the network has always known about Richards' drinking problem, they just kept the drama hidden.

RHOBH's Kyle Richards Responds To Reports Following Sister Kim's Arrest

On Monday, Reality Tea reported that an insider close to the production team revealed that Richards hasn't been sober in the last five seasons, she's just gotten better at hiding it.

According to the site, Kim would never drink in front of her co-stars, but she would disappear during filming and when she returned it was obvious that she was impaired.

Sources close to show producers told TMZ that due to the reality star's substance abuse issues, executives believe she's a liability and the network doesn't want to be responsible for her irrational behavior.

Since her relapse, and her recent arrest, the reality star sat down with Dr. Phil for an interview where she opens up about her alcohol addiction.

Richards' interview on Dr. Phil will air on Tuesday, April 28.