Kristin Cavallari is more than the girl who stirred up drama in MTV's breakout hits The Hills and Laguna Beach. Today, she's the wife of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (yes, she's a WAG!), the mom of two boys, and a fashion designer.

She's partnered with the NFL to promote the 80th anniversary of the Draft via Pinterest alongside football icon Dick Butkus. In this exclusive interview, Kristin talks football, trashy reality TV and her love of buffalo wings. Clearly, we adore her. Read on.

What players are you hoping Chicago gets in the NFL Draft?

[Laughs] I have no idea. I don't know anything. I am the wrong person to ask. I guess we need a good receiver since we got rid of Brandon [Marshall]? I don't know. If I say anything... I can't comment on that stuff.

If you had to make a Pinterest board of "Three Things Every NFL Wife & Girlfriend Needs" what would be on that board?

Ooh. That's a good question. Let's see... probably the perfect Bears shirt. I would do one really good "home-gating" recipe. I actually love making these stuffed jalapenos which are really good and always a hit. And then, I guess, you need a good cocktail.

Who are your favorite pinners on Pinterest? Or, what do you like to search for on it?

I love Pinterest just for outfit ideas and outfit inspiration. I also use it-I have a shoe and a jewelry line-so I do a mood board for those. I also really like it for inspiration for my house. You know, decorating ideas and stuff like that.

Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?

I love Kate Moss. She is my absolute favorite. I love her street style. She always looks amazing and effortless like she threw her outfit together in two seconds.

What fashion advice would you give to Dick Butkus? What are the three items you think he needs in his wardrobe?

I would say a good classic gray suit. You can't go wrong with that. Oh gosh. I'm not very good with men's fashion. He would need a Jay Cutler jersey to wear on game days, of course. He would also need... [To her team] Give me some ideas, guys-I'm horrible with men's fashion. And one really good pair of jeans. Every guy needs a good pair of jeans.

I'm a football fan who sometimes wears a jersey? How do I rock a football jersey without looking like an idiot? What should I wear with it?

Just jeans. I think you gotta keep it simple. And a nice pair of shoes and you're good to go.

What is your definition of a well put-together man?

A well put-together man for me is someone who takes care of himself on the outside, but someone who's comfortable in their own skin. I think the biggest thing is being secure with who you are and being able to express your emotions. I think it takes a real guy to be able to do that.

Sadly, the football fan diet often consists of wings and beer. I know you're health conscious, can you recommend any healthier snacks to nosh on during games?

There's two I make: Stuffed jalapenos which you can do with anything really. But I usually do turkey sausage or something like that and some cheese and some spices and stuff. I also do bacon wraps with butternut squash-Those are always a big hit when I make them and they're not necessarily healthy but they're on the healthier side.

Did you have any guilty pleasures or vices?

During the football season, I'm always eating wings, that's one thing I don't care how bad they are for you. I love them too much. I enjoy every second. And then, before I had kids, I was obsessed with The Real Housewives, but it's been hard to watch and keep up to date with what's going on. But I miss my trashy reality TV a little bit.

What are you most looking forward to about your 30s?

I mean, everyone says that in your 30s, you're finally, really comfortable in your own skin and you don't care what other people think anymore and you're very at peace with your life, for the most part. So I guess I'm looking forward to that.

What's more chaotic? Being the wife of an NFL player or being on a reality TV show?

[Laughs] I'd say being on a reality show.

What is the biggest lesson motherhood has taught you? More specifically, what have your two children Camden and Jax taught you?

The biggest thing is, to be a mom you have to have so much patience. You know, you can't let their temper tantrums or anything, get the best of you. It can be hard having both of them crying and screaming. It can be a little overwhelming, but you can't master their attitude. You can't yell back at them and stuff like that. You just remain calm and really be there for them and so its just been a great lesson in patience, and it's good.