Electoral Map, Romney/Obama Presidential Election: Romney Gaining On Obama's Lead?

The election is heating up between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

The political map of electoral votes is changing with estimates now showing Governor Romney closing in on President Obama.

According to reports from RealClearPolitics.com, Obama's second debate win brought his polling numbers back up to nearly a tie with Romney, but during the lead up to tonight's debate, the Republican challenger has taken over.

The RealClearPolitics average of polls showed Obama has a lead of at least four percentage points in states that account for 237 electoral votes, while Romney's projected support represents 206 electoral votes.

The remaining eight states to be taken by either candidate are Colorado (9 electoral votes), Florida (29), Iowa (6), Nevada (6), New Hampshire (4), Ohio (18), Virginia (13) and Wisconsin (10), according to the report. 

Rasmussen's daily presidential poll on Monday, Oct. 22, showed Romney currently has a two point lead at 49 percent compared to President Obama at 47 percent. The poll also showed two percent of voters supporting a third-party candidate and two percent still undecided.

So far it looks like Obama is holding strong in the key state of Ohio, where the president has a 50 percent support of voters compared to Romney's 45 percent, according to polling data from Quinnipiac University/CBS News.

However, Romney is still gaining ground on the political battlefield.

Reuters reported on Sunday that the battle in Ohio may yield to Romney.

"Before the first debate the electoral math looked like a real reach for Romney. Today, it looks quite possible," said Peter Brown, a pollster at Quinnipiac University. "Ohio is the big unknown, and it's Romney's biggest obstacle. If Romney can win Ohio, he's likely to win the election."

According to The New York Times, five states are leaning toward supporting the democrat: Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico and Pennsylvania.

Four states are currently leaning toward supporting the Republican challenger: Arizona, Indiana, North Carolina and Nebraska.

With two weeks left till Election Day, the race to the White House is moving faster than ever. 

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