Social media has been rife with the suggestion that the Indominus Rex's hybrid genetic form also includes the DNA of humans.

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IBT UK took this rumor a step further suggesting that the new antagonist will have some of Chris Pratt's character Owen Grady's DNA. This sounds like a long shot but there might be some credibility to the theory that human DNA was fused with the others -- Carnotaurus, Giganotaurus, Majungosaurus, and Rugops. MoviePilot also corroborated these rumors.

IBT has sourced various tweets that suggest the human element in the Indominus Rex. Some people suggest it has to do with the prehensile limbs of the dinosaur, particularly the claws which look like hands.

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It seems this theory would be better rooted in the fact that the Indominus Rex is highly intelligent, which is a direct link to human DNA. This characteristic will make it very hard for the humans who control the park to tame the beast or out wit it.

In fact, the Indominus Rex's intelligence will make it a way more formidable force than the T-Rex. It was recently revealed that the T Rex is going to be very much around.

Director Colin Trevorrow told the Hero Complex that the T-Rex that will feature in Jurassic World will be the original one, from 22 years ago.

"The T. rex in this movie is the same T. rex from 'Jurassic Park... She's been on the island for 22 years," he said. She's still alive. She's a little older, and she's angry."

Trevorrow also humorously revealed that the T-Rex will be "having a bit of Burt Lancaster-thing going on" to SlashFilm.

The film will hit theaters on June 12, 2015.

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