Their hit show may have ended on Discovery Channel, but the feud is far from over between Lebanon Levi and Merlin Miller, the two conflicting stars of Amish Mafia.  

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The two former heads of respective Amish Aid organizations found their feud renewed after the cameras stopped rolling and Levi released a new tell-all book--Amish Confidential, and both are making a public appearance together on the May 13 episode of Dr. Phil to hash it out for the last time--with things still proving to be extremely tense between them.

Dr. Phil introduces the two in a sneak peek clip for the episode--saying that Merlin has some harsh words for his former co-star.

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"Levi's archenemy Merlin says he is giving the Amish people a bad name, and that Levi is nothing but a money-hungry Amish playboy," he says before explaining that both will be with him for the exclusive interview.

The clip then shows pre-recorded footage where the two begin to attack one another for different reasons.

"Even though Amish Mafia is a reality TV show, my issues with Levi are real," Merlin says in the clip. "He wants to come across as he's saving the Amish, when in reality, he's saving himself so he can make a buck."

"Merlin is a hypocrite and he wants to do everything I do," Levi retorts. "When I got my attorney, he wants my attorney. When he found out I'm writing a book, he wants to write a book. He talked to my co-writer. He's just jealous and that's why he's so [BLEEPED OUT] and he has no time to take care of himself."

However, the comments don't end there for the two, with insults continuing to fly back and forth. Levi also makes sure to defend his decision to write a tell-all, claiming it was never about the money.

"Merlin is just a little piece of garbage. The book is not about the money," he says.

However, no matter his denials, Merlin isn't buying it, saying all Levi is doing is turning his back on the Amish people.

"Levi is going against our Amish beliefs by writing a tell-all book giving all our secrets out there," he says.

When the two finally sit down with Dr. Phil however, things begin to get even more tense, with both disagreeing about one another's involvement with their former show, with Levi also coming even more under fire for the money he makes from book sales.

"I made money off the book, I wrote it, but I don't make that much money off of it," he says after Dr. Phil asks him point blank about profits. "...I give to the Amish Aid...and I spend that money on that."

Watch the clip below.