‘Mad Men’ Series Finale 2015: Was The Show All About Peggy And Joan This Entire Time? [VIDEO]

Mad Men fans are going to be on the edge of their seats tonight when they finally learn the fate of all their favorite characters in the series finale. And while there have been rumors that the last episode might be all about Jon Hamm's character Don Draper, fans might be totally left surprised by the final outcome.

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According to NPR on Friday, the show's co-executive producer Semi Chellas opened up about the show's complicated female characters, which included Joan (played by actress Christina Hendricks) and Peggy (Elisabeth Moss).

As many fans want to know, will Joan and Peggy leave New York City for the West Coast to finally open up their own advertising agency? The answer of course isn't that simple.

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When asked if the show's writers considered an ending in which Joan triumps, Chellas says, "It was something that I think the show took very seriously - was not to be a platform, not to be didactic, but to always live in those characters. And the truth is Joan was never going to walk out of there with all her money. She doesn't really scare Jim Hobart [head of McCann Erickson]. As he says, you know, he says, "Do you know how much advertising we have in The New York Times every year?" He's not afraid of the media, or he's not as afraid as she thinks he might be."

As far as Peggy and Joan's relationship on the show, Chellas added, "They don't have a lot in common besides being women and being ambitious and working at the same place. They're from very different backgrounds. They see themselves very differently. I don't think that they compete. But I think that, you know, part of what we see is that a woman's movement is not necessarily born out of shared femininity or shared femaleness."

The series finale of Mad Men ends Sunday at 10 p.m. on the AMC network.

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