Presidential Polls 2012; Latest Rasmussen Polls Show Romney Leading Three Points Over Obama

The latest presidential polls show Mitt Romney remaining in the lead against President Obama.

As of Sunday, Mitt Romney remains in a three point lead over Barack Obama, according to Rasmussen's daily Presidential poll.

Romney currently has a three point lead with 50 percent of voter support over President Obama with 47 percent. The poll also showed one percent of voters supporting a third-party candidate and one percent still undecided.

The results for Sunday's poll were based on phone interviews over three consecutive nights.

Romney had a four point lead over Obama since before the third debate, but now as the poll fully takes into account voters' opinions of the candidates' performance on the last debate the Republican challenger's lead has diminished slightly.

Currently Romney is attracting more support from his party, with 90 percent of Republican voters, as well as having the lead with voters not affiliated with either party that give him an additional 11 points. Barack Obama has the support of 86 percent of Democrats.

Rasmussen also reports that there is an age gap between voters. Voters under 40 prefer President Obama while those over 40 prefer Romney.

The latest Electoral College projected reports show President Obama leading with 237 Electoral Votes and Romney at 206. In order to become President of the United States, a candidate needs 270 Electoral Votes. With 95 Electoral Votes remaining outside what are considered firmly decided states, the latest toss-up states are Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada and New Hampshire.

Latest polling numbers from North Carolina show Romney with a six-point lead. In Pennsylvania Obama's lead over Romney is currently at five points.

Election Day is nearing and each day is becoming more crucial to the candidates' chances of taking the presidency.

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