Zachary Quinto and Miles McMillan are definitely keeping the romance alive.

Zachary Quinto Kisses A Guy In Steamy Shirtless PHOTO

On Friday, Daily Mail posted some snapshots of the Star Trek actor with his model boyfriend as they walked hand-in-hand through New York. Quinto wore a blue V-neck shirt with jeans and sunglasses as McMillan donned a black shirt with dark pants. The two looked casual yet happy to spend their day out along with their dogs.

According to the site, the two guys have been together for two years now. Perhaps, one day they might take the ultimate step and tie the knot, although Quinto made it clear that he's not a big fan of marriage.

Zachary Quinto & Miles McMillan Spotted Together On A Stroll

"Commitment and relationships are a very individual thing, and I don't stand to tell people what to do or who to do it with, but for me, love is defined by two people in an intimate and personal way, and superimposing an institution on that isn't necessarily, for me, the most exciting idea," the actor told The Hollywood Reporter.

Even if the beaus don't ever get hitched, that doesn't mean they won't be taking any more further steps in their relationship. Quinto revealed that he would like to be a father someday.

"I definitely want kids, for sure," he said. "I gravitate toward the people in my life who have kids. I love fostering relationships with them and watching them discover the world and being a part of that. I definitely want that."