Gabrielle Union might be the woman in her and Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade’s relationship, but she called him out for being the girly one out of the two; and he has a response for her.

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Dwyane Wade made an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers and dished on his wedding day. He addressed claims that Union made when she was on the show recently that Wade was “girlier” when it came to planning their lavish ceremony.

“I wouldn’t use girlier. I was more into the small details, right? Because I know my wife. You gotta know who you’re marrying. I know my wife don’t care about small details. And I am a detailed guy.”

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He added that because he was fronting the money for the big day, he had a say in what it should be like.

“I was paying for the wedding. Her dad didn’t pay for it.You know the old story didn’t come true. So I wanted to make sure we got our money worth. I knew she would appreciate the latest. I was a little over-the-top but it was worth it.”

Wade ended his statement by making it clear he had no shame and snagging some of Union’s spotlight at the wedding.

“You know how they say the wedding is about the woman? No, it’s about both of us. I came down to my own song, had my own moment. I had three outfit changes, she had three outfit changes.”

But he played coy on what he sported by the time the night came to an end.

“It was a lot less material.”

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