A decade ago, a newspaper editor hacked the royal couple's phones, now he says he regrets it.

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On Friday, E! News reported that Clive Goodman, a former royal editor of the tabloid, News of the World said he regrets hacking into the phones.

He made these comments at high court in Edinburgh, Scotland while testifying in an unrelated trial. Goodman apparently wishes he could erase the mistake from his career.

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"Now, it feels very wrong. I've had plenty of time to reflect on this, it's not something I'm proud of, not the greatest move of my career. I'd dearly love to be able to move on but nobody seems to let me move on. We still seem to be discussing it nine years on."

It seems that the reporter is deeply remorseful during his statement.

"I don't deny any of this; it's there, I did it," he said. "I wish I hadn't but I can't take it back."

The reporter spent several months in jail over his involvement with the hacking which was revealed to be more widespread and targeted several celebrities, politicians and even a 13-year-old female murder victim, according to the report.

"I hacked Kate Middleton's phone just to see if there was a message from Prince William," he revealed.

Prince William's phone was reportedly accessed illegally 35 different times.