It's true -- the 65-year-old woman who claimed she was pregnant with quadruplets actually was and successfully gave birth to them.

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On Saturday, ABC News reported that Annegret Raunigk gave birth to three boys and one girl after undergoing a controversial artificial insemination procedure in Ukraine.

Though the babies were born at 26 weeks in Berlin, they reportedly have "good chances of surviving."

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"However the babies, in comparison with a normal birth in the 40th week, are not completely developed, so eventual complications can't be ruled out," the report said.

Raunigk was already a mother to 13 children, the oldest coming in at 44-years-old.

Daily Mail reported in April that Raunigk's story is going to appear on a TV documentary where she will talk about her pregnancy, which is the results of artificial insemination with both donated sperm and eggs.

The German woman was in the 21st week of her pregnancy and said she was "shocked" when the ultrasound showed four babies.

Her gynaecologist reportedly gave her the options of a "selective reduction" in which one or more of the fetuses would be aborted, but the woman apparently declined.

The woman apparently decided to have more children because she was "still quite fit" and capable of "looking after them."

"I don't think I will have any problems," she said.

Raunigk made headlines once before 10 years ago when she gave birth to her daughter, Leila, at 55 years old.

She also said she does not worry about her future in five years as she believes she will "stay healthy."

Raunigk is allegedly due this summer and isn't worried about her age. Her doctor also has reportedly said that he optimistic about her pregnancy.

"I simply assume that I will remain fit and healthy," she said.