Kim Kardashian Twitter Followers: Reality Star Unleases Alter Ego 'Pregnant KiKi', Reveals She 'Does Not Play!' [VIDEO]

Kim Kardashian just announced her pregnancy via E!’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians Sunday night; and it didn’t take long for fans to get a taste of her alter ego “pregnant kiki.”

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Kardashian attempted to set the record straight after several media outlets reported that she was faking her pregnancy, hired a surrogate and planned to wear a fake belly to make fans believe she was carrying the child.

She clearly reached her breaking point and went on a mini rant via Twitter Tuesday.

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“So sick today on all levels!!!!! UGHHHHHHHHH I can’t deal!!!!!!!! Praying I get throughout he day! Can’t wait tip my website is active! I’m gonna do live video streaming every time some talks [crap] I can go blast the [mess] outta them. Pregnant KiKi does not play!!!! *BLOOP!*”

She went on to respond to one fan who called out television host Wendy Williams as one who “falsely reported” that Kardashian hired another woman to carry her child “but is going to use a prosthetic belly. LIES!!!!”

 Kardahian said she will definitely be going off about that as well.

“Please! This is the type of stuff I will address. If I got a surrogate I would say I did! Thankfully I didn’t have 2”.

She also responded to a fan who tried to talk her off the ledge when it came to “going on wars with these lames.”

“Trust me I won’t give lames the time of day! Don’t have that much free time now! Still have about 30 businesses 2run”.

Kardashian then laughed about Twitter reaching out to see if someone else hacked into her account.

“#JustPregnantKeeks” she responded.

She took a break then returned to call out the media for even more false reports. She also let it be known that her previous tweets was not a rant.

“You will know when I rant…this was not a rant. Ohhh I know a good rant”.

Check out Williams' comments about Kardsahian at the 4:42 mark in the video below.

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