'Marvel Heroes' News: Update Adds Playable Doctor Doom, Free Characters [FIRST SCREENS, TRAILER]

Gazillion is celebrating the two-year anniversary of Marvel Heroes 2015 with a ton of new free content, highlighted by the release of Doctor Doom.

Doom will be the 48th playable character in the popular free-to-play action-rpg, a game which shows no signs of stopping.

To celebrate the release of the Latverian ruler the development team will take part in a Twitch stream on June 4 at 10:00 a.m. PDT at Twitch.tv/MarvelHeroes. where they will show off the new content and give shout-outs to anyone streaming and tweeting with the hashtag #PlayMarvelHeroes.

Besides Doctor Doom, ton of new content highlights have been announced. Here's some of the highlights:

Team-Up 2.0 - They have revamped the Team-Up system that allows heroes to fight alongside you and made it much more valuable to have characters fighting alongside you.

Angel in Team-Up 2.0 - Now, he's not being released on June 4, but he's hitting later this month. You'll be able to test him out (and the new Team-Up 2.0 feature) by having him team up with one of your characters. 

Almost Every Playable Character Playable For Free: To celebrate the anniversary they're offering 47 free playable characters, completely unlocked and playable until level 10. They haven't announced an end date for this promotion. "How long can we keep this up?", they ask. "Well… How long would you like us to?..."

The Thing's Design Review: The Thing was in Marvel Heroes from day one but has long been seen as weak compared to a lot of the newcomers, which just wouldn't do, especially considering the character's power. They're going to be giving him redesigned powers and mechanics, and new powers like Guess What Time It Is? (a shockwave dealing massive damage) and the ability to summon the Yancy Street Gang, which come with their own Thing masks.

Make sure to tune in tomorrow to the Marvel Heroes 2015 livestream to hear all about these, as well as some hints about upcoming content.

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