Mackenzie Douthit showed off her brand new boobs during a recent beach outing in Los Angeles.

Mackenzie Douthit Arrives To Los Angeles To Film 'Couple's Therapy?'

After reportedly launching a fundraiser on weeks ago, the Teen Mom 3 star underwent breast implant surgery, and days later, was showing off her new assets in a skimpy bikini.

Mackenzie Douthit Is Releasing A Song

Douthit arrived in Los Angeles earlier this week, and while it is unclear which day she actually had the surgery, photos shared by OK! Magazine on Monday show a much different Douthit.

Following her surgery, which she hoped would make her more proportionate, and lead to success as a fitness model, Douthit took to Twitter, where she thanked Dr. Neal Handel for her new breasts.

A short time later, Dr. Handel replied with a tweet of his own.

 To find out what Douthit's fellow Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham, had to say about her breast implant fundraiser, check out the video below.