'Scream' TV Series Spoilers: New Trailer Shows Slitting Throats, Teen Partying & More Terrifying Scenes, Watch It Here [VIDEO]

The Scream TV series is almost here and the latest trailer shows a good haul of blood, chills and clever dialogue.

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On Monday, MTV posted the video that shows what every slasher movie fan would love to see- attractive young girls caught in dark moments with a frightening bloodbath about to happen. This includes a girl making her way into a spa when she gets a message on her phone that says, 'Heads Up.'

This leads into something splashing in front of her- a guy's head, causing her to do exactly what the title says.

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The trailer then gets more suspenseful and action-packed as throats get slit and teens party hard. One of the characters seems to realize that maybe they "should be afraid" since a killer is offing them one by one.

A girl tells him that he has a "dark mind," something he seems pleased to hear as he gives the lady a smooch.

But the moment dies down when another girl is on her balcony asking where her friend is; all of a sudden, a figure is seen in front of her...and then behind her with a knife.

The promo adds more disturbing sequences with the knife ringing against a wall, a girl screaming in the middle of nowhere and the creepy mask the killer wears.

Check it out below and anticipate the fun horror that all the 90's fans will not want to miss out on.

The Scream TV series premieres on Tuesday, June 30 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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