Caitlyn Jenner has scored a massive payday for exposing her journey into womanhood on a new E! docuseries.

Why Did Bruce Jenner Chose The Name 'Caitlyn?'

After spending a reported $4 million on becoming a woman, Jenner will reportedly receive $5 million for her participation in the upcoming show.

“It’s the biggest paycheck ever given by E! for a solo reality show, and Caitlyn’s agent was relentless in getting her the huge payday,” an insider told Radar Online on Thursday. “At one point, talks between the network and E! had broken down, because nobody wanted to pay her more than $2 million. Caitlyn’s agent then began informal talks with other networks, and E! quickly came back to the table, ready to pay $5 million.”

Caitlyn Jenner Sets Twitter Record

After revealing her new self to Vanity Fair, Jenner said she looked forward to her future as a woman.

"I'm just going to go live life. I'm going to go enjoy life. I have nothing left to hide. I am kind of a free person, a free soul," she revealed. "[Up] to this point I would wear, you know, Bruce would wear, you know, sweatshirts with hoods on them so paparazzi can't get pictures and all that kind of crap, and I didn't want them to see if my fingernails were polished or, you know, on and on and on. It was just hell."

"To be able to wake up in the morning, be yourself, get dressed, get ready to go out, and just be like a normal person—that's a wonderful feeling to go through life," Jenner added.

I Am Cait premieres on Sunday, July 26, at 9 p.m. on the E! Network. Check out the trailer below.