Actress Gabrielle Union and Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade have about a year of marriage under their belt and Union dished on one thing about him that she finds a little irritating.

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She sat down with Access Hollywood recently and gushed about their wedding bliss and spilling juicy details.

“It’s good..The weirdest thing to me is how freakishly happy he is all the time. All the time. He’s very happy. IT’s like getting used to a happy person. It can get annoying. I like to override his happiness…”

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She revealed that when she tries to “grumble” over his joy, he ignores her and just turns his back.

“He’s very, very happy.”

As far as how they’re going to bring in their wedding anniversary, Union said she’s not sure what they’ll do, but knows it’ll be sweet.

“He’s a romantic. It also falls on Labor Day weekend. And this year we’re committed to goin to Luda Day weekend in Atlanta. He was kind of enough to be a part of our wedding and we’re gonna return the favor.”

Union not only married Wayne, but inherited his four sons— two from his previous marriage, one is his nephew, the other was conceived while he and Union’s relationship was on a break.

The Being Mary Jane star said it was definitely a “transition period” and she's learned how important it is to be herself.

“Don’t ever think that you’re going to replace any of their parents. They have good moms. I just want to be another loving adult in their life.”

They’ll celebrate their first wedding anniversary on Aug. 30.