'Halo' Championship Series Online Cup Live Stream: Watch Top Pros Compete Live In This Weekend's Tournament


This weekend's online tournament in Halo: The Master Chief Collection's esports league, The Halo Championship Series, is about to get underway.

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HCS is operated by ESL, and features season-long online and in-person tournaments. Earlier in the weekend, other amateur squads fought it out for a chance to participate in today's Legendary Bracket, where the top eight seeds consisting of the best professional teams await. The tournament begins at 1 p.m. Pacific, 4 p.m. Eastern and will continue through the night.

Since it's an online tournament, pro players will be streaming their gameplay from home rather than using an official tournament stream. Snipedown's stream (one of the game's best players) is embedded below, but many pros from each team are streaming their gameplay. You hop around between players (especially useful when one team is between matches)--ESL has posted a mutli-stream page with all the available streams of players involved.

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HCS' online tournaments had some difficulties this season when The Master Chief Collection's servers failed to cooperate during a tournament, forcing the first two cups to be cancelled. The issues were resolved with a new patch, and the online cups since have run without problems. Following the in-person Iron Gaming Atlanta event, a series of online cups on the weekends are now scheduled until later next month, when the teams will again compete in person at the $50,000 Indianapolis event.

The current seeding for Season 2 is as follows:

1. Evil Geniuses: Snip3down, Lunchbox, Roy, LethuL (1275 HCS Points)

2. Denial eSports: Chig, Mikwen, Heinz, aPG (900 HCS Points)

3. Winterfox: Randa, RyaNoob, Naded, Arkanum (500 HCS Points)

4. Cloud9: FearItSelf, Hysteria, Victory X, iGotUrPistola (500 HCS Points)

5. Counter Logic Gaming: OGRE 2, Royal 2, Snakebite, Cloud (300 HCS Points)

6. OpTic Halo: Flamesword, Ace, Assault, MaNiaC (240 HCS Points)

7. Team Liquid: Ninja, Spartan, Aries, Shooter (210 HCS Points)

 8. eXcellence: Coby, eL ToWn, Frosty, UNLEGIT (185 HCS Points)

Watch live video from Snip3down on www.twitch.tv

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