Breaking Amish Reunion Recap: Discuss New York City Move, Alcohol & Sex

TLC aired its very first reunion special immediately after airing the season finale of their hit reality show "Breaking Amish."

The two-part reunion special, "Breaking Amish: The Shunning Truth," gave the show's cast members-Sabrina, Abe, Rebecca, Jeremiah, and Kate- a chance to address many topics from alcoholism, getting arrested, hooking up and getting shunned from their Mormon communities.

The panel was hosted by "Access Hollywood" reporter Michelle Beadle. She opened the show with a simple question: "How has life changed for you guys since the show?"

"Everything changed," said Sabrina. "People know who we are now and that's stressful."

"People are too judgmental," added Rebecca.

Beadle then asked the group about moving to New York City. While Jeremiah didn't think the city was so bad, ("I love challenges. I'll try anything once") Sabrina disliked it so much she answered, "If I would have had a gun, I would have shot myself."

The reunion also gave the show's fans a chance to learn if Jeremiah and Sabrina got intimate while in New York. 

"If the world wants to know, we did it and enjoyed it," bragged Jeremiah. "And I made him stop," Sabrina deadpanned.

"I was drunk both times," she explained. "We were both trashed and started messing around. He sticks it in, and I was like, No! ... I made him take it out ... I don't consider that actually doing it."

During the second part of the reunion special, "Breaking Amish: The Shunning Truth," Beadle will ask Rebecca who the father of her baby is and Jeremiah will respond to viewers failing to do their "freaking homework," referring to allegations that the network reportedly faked their cast's stories after viewers found photos on Facebook and MySpace.

TLC's hit series followed the lives of four young Amish men and women and one Mennonite who get shunned when they decided to venture out of their religious communities and move to New York City. The show is the biggest success for the cable network besides "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo." It has also  garnered an average of 3 million viewers a week.

The second part of "Breaking Amish: Shunning Truth" will air on TLC on Sunday, Nov. 18.

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