'Fast and Furious 8' Spoilers: Tryese Gibson Talks About The Danger Of Being On Movie Set [VIDEO]

The Universal Studios Theme Park ride based on the Fast and Furious films is set to be launched on June 24. Tyrese Gibson, who pays Roman in the movies, spoke to Fox 40 about the new ride and his experience on it.

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The actor said the whole deal was "very exciting" for them, and he was also bringing his daughter for her eighth birthday to the park in two weeks.

Gibson admitted that he was a kid at heart and that a ride like this was definitely up his alley, even at this age. "Honestly, it's a grown kids experience, as a grown man I am still a kid, and as a grown man I am happy to be a part of a theme park ride that's been so succesful around the world because of the fans," he said.

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He also added that he was honored to be part of a movie that's become a theme park ride at Universal Studios.

Finally, the actor was asked about the degree of his involvement in the stunts that went into Fast and Furious. "I like putting stunt guys out of business, I piss them off all the time because I like doing my own stunts but when it is too dangerous, I say look man, you put your life on the line, I'll be in my trailer," he said.

When asked what's scarier the ride or actually doing the stunts, Gibson had a definitive answer.

"Doing the ride is a different process, I think being on the set is a little more scary, as you get explosions and actual cars hitting each other," he said. "I think being on set is a little more dangerous but we went as dangerous as we could for this."

Watch the clip:

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