'Big Brother 17' News: Dan Gheesling Reveals Why He Wants To See A 'No Twists' Season

One Big Brother winner recently admitted that he would love to not see any twists in a future season.

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Ever since Big Brother 3, the show has essentially come up with new twists every year in the hope of changing the game and making things more interesting. Purist fans believe that such twists complicate the game too much and ruin the integrity of the show, while others take them as they come.

One person who isn't a fan of twists is Big Brother 10 winner Dan Gheesling. The two-time player recently spoke with Reality Blurred and revealed that he wants to see the show return to a more pure state.

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"I would love to see no twists," he admitted. "I know that's not exciting, it's not sexy, you're not going to be able to promote it. When you have so many twists in a show it makes it a lot more difficult for someone to truly control the game. That's why I watch the show. I grew up watching Will Kirby essentially control a majority of the game because there weren't these crazy twists. I get it, it makes it interesting. I would love to see a vanilla game, maybe every couple years."

These comments come as Big Brother has announced this summer to be jam-packed with twists every single week. People will be coming into the house every week to debut a new twist on the Big Brother 17 houseguests. They have not revealed the extent of these twists, but many are hoping they don't compromise things too much within the game.

Meanwhile, Gheesling said he doesn't necessarily want to return to Big Brother anytime soon, if ever again.

"I have no desire to go back and play, there's no draw for me. I couldn't see it happening. I can't imagine ever a situation I would go back," he said, adding that it would be "such a sacrifice from a family standpoint" to be away from them for such a long period of time.

Regardless of potential twist backlash, Gheesling is confident that Big Brother will be on the air "for a long time" and that he just doesn't see it going away.

Now, a whole new group of houseguests will get to experience Big Brother for the first time. Will one of them become the next Dan Gheesling?

Big Brother 17 premieres on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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