Mackenzie Douthit lost her third child.

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During a new interview, the Teen Mom 3 star opened up about a recent miscarriage, which she initially chose to keep secret from fans.

“After Jaxie, I got pregnant again and lost the baby,” Douthit revealed to Wetpaint Entertainment on Tuesday. “That has been really emotionally hard on me because I felt like it was my fault … but my doctor said it wasn’t my fault. It’s hard not to blame myself, but if I could take away this pain, then I think we would have more.”

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Because of Douthit's diabetes, the reality star's pregnancies are high-risk, and unfortunately, miscarriages aren't out of the ordinary.

“I feel like it makes me stronger to talk about things instead of keeping it [in],” she continued.

Following the births of her two children, son Gannon and daughter Jaxie, Douthit and her husband, Josh McKee, are considering a vasectomy. However, the Teen Mom 3 star may not be ready quite yet.

“It’s something that I’m praying about and I cry about it sometimes, because it’s such a life-long decision,” she explained. “I’m just so scared to try and get pregnant again and lose another baby. It’s really emotionally bad.”

Still, Douthit claims she'd like to have another child in the future.

“I’m hoping, or if not, we can adopt a puppy because I just love babies," she said.

Teen Mom 3 was canceled years ago after just one season on MTV.