There were a lot of hopes riding on Terminator Genisys, but the movie hasn't quite driven the ambition home.

Terminator: Genisys Is The 'Third Film' In The Series According To James Cameron

Reviews for the movie are in and it seems to have been a massive disappointment in the critics' circle. Some reviews have been pretty scathing, and also hinted at the pointlessness of the sequels that are lined up for Genisys.

Enstars rounds up the reviews you should be reading to help make up your mind about this one.

New Antagonist Revealed In Terminator: Genisys    

"But the reality is that Terminator Genisys is part remake, part reboot, mostly failure. Sold simultaneously on the promise of returning to the franchise's roots and innovating for a new generation, instead, Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor's sequel apes the first two films' iconicism, but falls short of achieving any in its own right." - The Guardian

"But despite their collective efforts, the film eventually devolves into people running around a building trying to blow something up with the entire world supposedly at stake. For all the movie's talk of changing destiny and unwritten fates, it's nearly impossible to escape the feeling that all Terminator movies must end up exactly like this: the same stakes, the same villain, the same climactic sequences with characters making the same sacrifices." - The Verge

"No reboot tries as hard as Terminator Genisys to restart a franchise. The movie is part reboot, part sequel, part prequel entirely confusing, and incredibly asinine if you consider the plot for more than a half-second. Genisys tries to charm us by playing into nostalgia, trying to turn the original movies on their head, and offering up some fresh action, but it stumbles almost every step away. Director Alan Taylor may have some new spins on old tricks, but contrary to the protestations of the T-800, a.k.a. "Guardian" (Arnold Schwarzenegger), Genisys shows this franchise is both old and obsolete." - Collider

"That's an obvious mistake, simply because you end up toggling between memories of Mr. Cameron's kinetic original while watching this latest reboot lurch from one narratively clotted turn to another. The director, Alan Taylor, has racked up loads of credits in cable TV, but his work here is disappointingly flat..." - The New York Times

"...but the film overall feels like a greedy attempt to set up the franchise for another endless trilogy of movies. Schwarzenegger playing the Terminator when he's near 80? Perish the thought , guys. But here's an idea for you. Why not send him waaaaaaaay back in time to battle those Jurassic World dinosaurs in the next one?" - Deadline

Terminator: Genisys is scheduled to release on July 1.

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