It's going to be a busy week for gamers. A handful of new titles are hitting shelves in stores across the country. Here's a breakdown of what's coming out.

EA Sports released Rory McIlroy PGA Tour today, July 14. Golf fanatics can participate in big name events such as the Arnold Palmer Invitational and The Masters. Pick your own handicap as you swing away on the most detailed courses ever made for the virtual screen. If video game golf sounds like your thing, grab a copy to add to your collection. Fair warning: Initial reviews indicate that this game may not be a hole-in-one. A lot of the negativity can't be verified because some reviewers weren't able to play the game first hand. But if you're a gamer who doesn't let reviews stop you from picking what you play that shouldn't matter. You can purchase this game for Xbox One and Playstation 4.

If you are not into sports, and crave a some action/adventure gameplay, then the highly anticipated title Godzilla might worth checking out Released this week, players can relish in the picking what type of Kaiju (AKA monster) they want to play as, options include Space Godzilla, 1964 Godzilla, and handless Rodan. Reviews of the game, however, paint it as mediocre with a low average score and mostly negative standout comments from serious gamers. Main concerns from critics includ utterly disappointing graphics and the disappearance of online multiplayer. So if you like games with high quality graphics and the ability to play against others online, run like a Tokyo resident fleeing a giant reptile attacking the city. Playstation 3 and 4 owners will be the only ones as of now that can enjoy this title.

Looking for something lighter to play while you kick back and chill? Grab Yoshi's Woolly World on Thursday, July 16. Play as Mario's classic dino-buddy Yoshi across different levels through worlds of yarn and other handicraft materials. If you're not a Super Mario Bros fan or worn out from the franchise, don't worry as the game offers new and different excitement. Unlike other Super Mario titles there will be no time limit for you to have to speed through levels, as there are many things for a single player to accomplish with hidden achievements and across different stages. Early reviews have been moderate, but higher rankings are coming in from everyday gamers as more of the general public get their hands on it. A 2-player option is possible with additional accessories purchased separately and in parts of the game where competing against others is possible and not very limiting. Yoshi's Woolly World can be purchased ONLY on Nintendo Wii.