Livin' Lozada is proving to be an authentic reality TV show as it follows the lives of Evelyn Lozada, her daughter Shaniece Hairston and the rest of Lozada's family and friends.

Evelyn Opens Up About Miscarriage On Her OWN TV Show 'Livin' Lozada'

On Wednesday, Lozada teased "a sneak peek at what's to come," on the show in the next episode, which hits TV screens Saturday night.

In the provided sneak peek, Lozada and her daughter bump heads some more. The series is really staying true to capturing the loving relationship between them even when they get annoyed with each other.

Evelyn Lozada's Daughter Shaniece Hairston Signs With Wilhelmina Models!

So far the mother-daughter duo have argued about a toothbrush, Hairston's pup, Hairston's spending and more. It's typical mother-daughter stuff!

At one point they look like they're doing some meditation together to relax in the clip.

The two then discuss the arrival of Hairston's grandmother who is visiting.

"Would you ever think about moving her closer to you?" Hairston asks her mom.

Lozada appears a bit choked up then in another clip, but viewers will have to tune in to find out why.

Lozada and her daughter then bicker a little since Hairston seems to want her mom to stop voicing her opinions about everything she does, but her mom basically shuts her down.

"Never. For the rest of your life I'm going to have an opinion," Lozada tells Hairston.

Livin' Lozada airs on OWN at 9 p.m. ET on Saturdays.