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London 2012 Track and Field: Men's High Jump Final Live Stream, Erik Kynard

USA athlete Erik Kynard has made it into the 2012 London Olympic Games Men's High Jump Final on Tuesday. However, while many are impressed to see the Toledo native achieving success on his quest for the gold, he has been receiving plenty of buzz due to a pair of seemingly lucky yet infamous USA socks he's been sporting.

Usain Bolt 100M Video: Olympic 2012 Record Race in London (VIDEO)

Usain Bolt has set a new Olympic record Sunday at London 2012 as he claimed gold in the 100M dash. Bolt completed the sprint in 9.63 seconds - the second fastest time ever ran in the 100 meters. It is thought up to 2 billion people tuned in across the globe to watch the race live - although none in the United States due to NBC's delayed coverage.
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