Kate Middleton Pregnant: Hospital Prank Caller Impersonated The Queen For Info

The British hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge is staying revealed Wednesday that a prank caller impersonated Queen Elizabeth II to try to get information on Kate Middleton's condition, according to The Associated Press.  

King Edward VII's hospital in London revealed in a statement that a woman from the Australian radio station 2DayFM made a hoax call to the hospital early Tuesday asking about Middleton, and a nurse fell for the prank and gave out information. The woman on the phone asked about Middleton's health and was told that Prince William's wife "hasn't had any retching with me and she's been sleeping on and off," according to the AP. 

"She's sleeping at the moment and she has had an uneventful night. She's been given some fluids. She's stable at the moment," the nurse said to the supposed queen, based on the station's recording. 

When the "queen" and her son, who was supposedly in the room at the time of the phone call, talk about traveling to the hospital to visit the 30-year-old patient, the nurse responded with, "I would suggest that any time after 9 o'clock will be suitable to visit. We'll be getting her freshened up."

The radio station has since posted the audio recording on its website and no word has been released yet about whether or not the incident jeopardized the nurse's job. 

As of Wednesday, Middleton is spending her third day in the hospital for "hyperemesis gravidarum," which is commonly known as morning sickness.  

The condition involves nausea, vomiting, weight loss, and "electrolyte disturbance," according to the official website of the American Pregnancy Association. Change in diet, rest and antacids can treat mild symptoms but severe cases (such as continuous vomiting) often require a stay in the hospital, and fluid and nutrition transfer through an intravenous line.

St. James' Palace announced news of Middleton's pregnancy on Monday.

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