Mayan Calendar End Of the World: The Real Facts Behind Dec. 21


Although the ancient Mayans had forecasted the end of the world, many people are carrying on as if nothing will take place. While there are a majority of individuals who do take the notion seriously, several experts still continue to dispute it.

"I would suggest to people not sell their house, quit their job, leave their spouse, nor say something nasty to someone they think they will never see again," University of Illinois archeologist Lisa Lucero stated to USA Today.

On Dec. 21 (predicted end), the ancient Mayan calendar begins a new 394-year century. Started from an inscription found at the now demolished Tortuguero ruin in the Tabasco region of Mexico, the end-of-the-world chatter began to increase when the 2009 film "2012," hit the big screen.

Many theories regarding how the world would meet its demise have ranged from the appearance of a rogue planet called Nibiru colliding with it to a physics experiment stating that the planet would be pulled into a black hole.

"People tend to worry about the wrong things. I don't spend a lot of time worrying about anything particular to this year," MIT physicist Max Tegmark stated.

The 2012 apocalypse is based off stone inscriptions now being held at the Carlos Pellicer Camara Regional Anthropology Musuem in the Mexican City of Villahermosa. 

The etchings were a part of a tomb or shrine tribute at the site, which was inscribed around the 7th century A.D., according to Maya scholar David Stuart, author of "The Order of Days:  The Maya World and the Truth About 2012."

"The ancient Maya did not see the world in terms of endings, but rather in terms of constant renewal," said Stuart.

Interesting enough, the respective markings were also said to track Venus, Mars and dates that were associated after the year 3500, which may support the belief that the Earth will continue on for many more centuries.

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